Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wild Bleeding-heart

I'm intending on adding more native plants to my gardens. My regret, when I moved into my home, is that I did not. Planting native species is a good way to go because, over time, they are the least expensive to maintain plus, it just makes sense and restores the local ecosystem.

It's good for the plants and the insects and animals that depend on them. And it's good for us.

Below is one that I planted this spring. It's Dicentra Eximia also known as Wild Bleeding-heart or Fringed Bleeding-heart. It is a beautiful plant native to the lower Northeast and South.

Here are the wonderful blooms I've been rewarded with.

To shine with color such as this, Dicentra Eximea is truly in its element.

**Plant native**      **Plant native**      **Plant native**

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