Monday, May 27, 2013

Creatures around my home

This little spider is a Common House Spider. She's nestled against my Blue Bird nesting box that's hanging under my deck. Next to her is her egg sac, which she will guard until the tiny eggs hatch.

This is a Soldier Beetle. I found him on my rose bushes and learned that they eat pollen and other insects. You can see the tiny grains of pollen covering him as he forages along with the bees. To get an idea of his size, that's a rosebud he's climbing.

Here's a tiny fly I was able to capture as he flew about a Victoria Salvia leaf. He was very small, no more than one-eighth of an inch in length.

Here's a close-up of him showing beautiful iridescence wings, a copper body and amber eyes. I did not see these lovely colors by eyesight but only after I zoomed in on the image.

These two were a little larger and were buzzing around and landing on Blue Queen Salvia.

I believe they are all Long-legged flies but there are many species and it would take a specialist to ID them.

It makes me happy to see all of these small creatures delighting in my yard. 
All are welcome and all are safe here.

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