Saturday, November 24, 2012

For the faithful things

After waiting for Old Faithful geyser to erupt at Yellowstone National Park on a crisp, spring evening, I was treated to this delicious sunset of lemon yellow, raspberry red and blueberry blue with a hint of melon. A harbinger, perhaps, of other things that are faithful to the coming season - bounties of wonderful fruits - luscious lemons, gorgeous raspberries and sweet, tangy blueberries.

Many things are faithful in the seasons. The green of Spring, the spectacular colors of Fall, the crisp, starry nights of Winter, the ever steadfast sun, with its rising and setting season after season.

And a faithful old rose bush.

Imagine my surprise when I found this beautiful bloom in my garden on the eve of Thanksgiving.

I stared in wonder at such an exquisite late season rose and returned the next morning to cut it for my Thanksgiving table.

For the faithful things, I give thanks.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A lily that sky gazes

This gorgeous lily with its beautiful white, pink and yellow colors and an intoxicating scent, faces upward towards heaven. Hybridized in 1976, it was the first lily to bloom up as flowers in this lily group tend to hang downwards. Now, there are more lilies on the market that bloom facing up but Stargazer Lily was the first and, so, it was named.

Now, on this chill, grey November day, as I look at this image of one of the lilies that bloomed in my garden during the heat of July, I can't help but think of peppermint candy canes and the festive upcoming holiday season. It would truly be a wonder to see this lily bloom in the cold of winter while I watched it through a frosty pane from the warmth of my home as it gazes upward at the crisp winter stars. It would cap the holiday season.

Come next summer, when my Stargazer lilies bloom again, will I think of candy canes and a cold winter's night? I don't know, but surely it will warm me with delight.

You, too, can be delighted. It is easy to grow. If you decide to plant the bulbs, be prepared, as they are showstoppers.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A friendly animal

This cute little guy is eating a peanut that was tossed to him when he ventured into our camp looking for scraps.  He's an Eastern Grey Squirrel of which, I am sure, many of you are familiar.

I have a family that visits my platform birdfeeder from time to time. And, I don't mind, as they never take more then they need and are a delight to watch.

They are one of the few mammals that can climb down a tree head first. They do this by rotating their back feet so the rear claws can grip the tree bark. That's a fantastic adaptation that, no doubt, protects them from predators who might be lurking at the bottom of the tree.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Smile On Happy Moon

Whenever I have the pleasure of catching an early crescent Moon it makes me grin. It reminds me of a happy face that's smiling down on Earth. What do I do when someone smiles at me? I smile right back. So that's what I do. I smile right back at that old happy Moon.

You, too, can catch an early crescent moon if you keep an eye on the lunar phase calendar. Use this link as a reference and mark your calendar. When you catch that big grin in the sky - remember, smile back.