Sunday, March 24, 2013

**Plant Milkweed**

**Plant Milkweed**  **Plant Milkweed**  **Plant Milkweed**  **Plant Milkweed**

That beautiful emblem of summer. The elegant Monarch butterfly. Scientists studying their over-wintering grounds in Mexico have reported a serious decline in Monarch colonies. Once inhabiting 44 acres the colonies are now less than 3 acres. A troubling report.

What is the suspect in the decline in the number of Monarchs? Fluctuations in weather coupled with us and our demands for crops. In the ever incessant need for more and more acreage to grow crops, farmers are spraying herbicides on Milkweed, a plant that is a crucial food for the butterfly.

During their long and amazing migrations, which spans several generations, the female lays her eggs on Milkweed and when the eggs hatch, the larvae feeds on the plant.

Less Milkweed equals less Monarchs and a declining population leaves them open to a greater chance of extinction. And that is indeed troubling.

**Plant Milkweed** ** Plant Milkweed** **Plant Milkweed** ** Plant Milkweed**

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