Saturday, March 30, 2013

La Bombus!

La Bombus! The Bumble bee.

I've always admired bees. I love watching them working away in my garden. They are hard, focused workers. And, when I found out the females put the pollen they are collecting in "baskets" on their back legs, I was a goner! How darn neat is that?

Bumble bee with full pollen basket. Photo Credit: Tony Willis, wikipedia

They are the greatest pollinators on the planet. Virtuosos. We can thank them for one-third of the food crops we eat.

And now's your chance to give back.

Many species of native wild bumble bees are in decline. The Xerces Society is asking for your help through a citizen science project by identifying those species who may just be in your area. It's easy. They provide materials to help you ID the endangered bumble bees and you send them photographs of bees that you suspect may be the species.

Find all of the materials at this link. Don't wait! Get your buzz on.

Project Bumble Bee

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