Saturday, January 14, 2017

Furry frost

About year ago, a day or two after a rain-sleet-snow storm, I noticed that the small tree at the top of the driveway appeared as if it had grown a furry coat.

Heading out to walk my dogs, I took a closer look and was amazed to see a coat of frost with a beautiful needle-like pattern. I suspected it to be hoar frost, which is a common frost that forms in a number of patterns but I had never seen the beautiful needle-like form before.

I stood for awhile taking in the beauty of the delicate pattern of ice crystals. 

After investigation and looking at images I did, indeed, confirm it as hoar frost.

Hoar frost occurs when the surface of objects, here tree branches, are colder than the surrounding air, which is a hundred percent saturated with moisture.

Another wonder of planet Earth.

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