Monday, May 26, 2014

The Sweetest Song

I had seen Wood Thrushes sporadically in my yard but had never heard their song. I had heard they had the sweetest song.

On a recent trip to Mammoth Cave National Park, where I also camped in the national park campground, I heard a bird singing nearly continuously. It was a pretty song and not something easily forgotten. I had never heard the song before and was determined to find out just what bird it was.

I asked several park rangers if they would help me identify the bird and I tried to imitate the call for them. Both times I tried, resulted in each ranger shaking their heads. They had no idea what bird it was.

When I got home, I looked at the images taken, and recall seeing this bird, which I knew as a Wood Thrush.

Could I have finally heard its song? Could the song belong to the Wood Thrush?

I found a recording on the internet and it was indeed the song of this bird.

Hearing this bird, while camping in the quiet solitude of the park, made my vacation exceedingly peaceful and sweet.

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