Sunday, November 10, 2013

An American 'American' success story

The mailman came to my door a week ago, not with a package in hand, but to alert me to something to see right then. He was excited and I could tell something was seriously up.

Despite still being in pajamas - yep, still in pajamas at mid-day, oh well, what can I say, I get engrossed in stuff - I hurried outside to have a look.

Imagine my utter surprise to find an American Bald Eagle riding the air currents way high up. I was truly astonished as was, James, the mailman to see this Bald Eagle in a residential area. They are nearly always found near water. The closest body of water, Jordan Lake, was four miles away where they are flourishing.

Something here had his interest and he remained for awhile while we watched transfixed and, eventually, he broke from the rising air currents and headed west in the direction of the lake.

To witness this eagle soaring above my home on that cloudless, crisp fall afternoon is an affirmation to the success of the Endangered Species Act. The act saved the Bald Eagle from extinction and to see it in a developed area is confirmation of its increasing population. This is good.

It is truly an American 'American' success story.

 *The Endangered Species Act celebrates its 40th anniversary.

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