Friday, February 22, 2013

Take a bow!

Quite a show was put on here at my place during the annual Great Backyard Bird Count. The antics really go on all the time but this time I was camera ready and had the time to snap these.

First up is a male Cardinal. I have quite a few who visit and am trying to tell the difference between them but for now I'll call him Mr. Cardinal One.

 Mr. Cardinal One loves his safflower seeds . . .

'I think I'll have another.'

And loves his black sunflower seeds . . .  'Should I have safflower or sunflower this time? Which one? Which one?' Tough decision . . .

Just beyond the feeder, off at about sixty-feet, is a tree the birds use as a launch pad. Here's a male. Not sure if it's Mr. Cardinal One.

And a lovely couple, who mate for life, waiting their turn to launch to the feeder.

And another male waiting in the tree beside it.

And two more couples waiting. Cardinals, cardinals everywhere! 
Yes, I have many cardinals in my yard.

Here they are waiting for Mr. Squirrel to leave.

But after awhile, they decide to take matters into their wings and mob Mr. Squirrel in the hopes he'll leave. He doesn't.

Here's the crew feeding after Mr. Squirrel has had his fill.Two White-throated sparrows. Three Dark-eyed juncos. One female Cardinal. And one House sparrow and all part of this year's tally for the Great Backyard Bird Count.

Take a bow!

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