Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fashionable lady

One of  Spring's hottest color is in the orange family cleverly called such delicious names as tangerine and mandarin. You see the color in tops, pants, shoes, jewelry and handbags. It is a lovely color and speaks to the cool days and crisp nights of the season.

But there is one lady I've seen, who in her year-round colors, is at the height of this Spring's fashion color.  The female Northern Cardinal. Her colors are exquisite. Soft muted browns complimented by a rich tangerine with tans and greys. Her beak, a stunning orange that dramatically highlights her beautiful plumage. Take a close look at her front, where you can see light tans dappled with a pale orange.

So ladies, take a fashion lesson from this gal. Think tans, browns, greys, tangerine and orange. You just might take flight.

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